Innovations in the Business World Amid the Covid-19 Pandemic

.Innovations in the Business World Amid the Covid-19 Pandemic. The current Covid-19 pandemic outbreak is forcing everyone to wear masks, keep their distance, and also not make direct contact with everyone around them. Various appeals from both the government and the world health organization to remain at home were asked to be complied with so that the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak did not become more widespread.

As a result, we are also forbidden to leave the house frequently in the time and intensity that is often to prevent the spread and protect ourselves from becoming infected. Unless there are important affairs, such as shopping for food needs, or other needs.

Innovations in the
Innovations in the

To meet the needs and serve customers some business people have made various innovations in their businesses. Of course, in addition to looking after themselves and their customers, they also follow the appeal and invite their customers to listen to the existing appeal. Curious what are the innovations that already exist? Check out below.

Using robots

Prompts to keep a distance and asked to be in the house makes each party unable to freely go outside as usual. Therefore, as a solution to this problem, technology companies and Pudu Technology startups in China also use robots as a delivery medium for their buyers.

Innovations in the
Innovations in the

Using Drones

Not only using robots but apparently in China businesses also use drones to deliver goods to their buyers. By utilizing drones, the process of shipping ordered goods to buyers becomes more efficient and also safer.
As the flow of traffic, the crowd in the middle of the road, to spread information using traditional loud speakers.

Innovations in the
Innovations in the

Use direct messages in Instagram

Instagram social media is often used as a promotional medium. For business or just personal branding for both individuals and business people. However, Instagram is currently also used as a medium for ordering buyers for their sellers.

Using drive-thru for order

Some business people have also started to make policies where every food purchased can only be wrapped. To meet these needs, they finally innovated by opening a drive-thru service for buyers who want to order.

Use bonuses or promos in order

To help convey the appeal, some business people offer bundling packages. That can be obtained by customers if they place an order online. Usually, the package contains an additional bonus from the product or even some merchandise from the businessperson himself.

Use video call services in WhatsApp

Interestingly, there is a shop that utilizes video call services from WhatsApp social media. They put a smartphone in front of the shop’s glass, then they asked the visitors to make a video call to the employees who were in the shop later.

There are so many small innovations carried out by various industry players to meet the needs. Of their customers and continue to run their businesses during the current pandemic Covid-19 outbreak.