Understand Innovation More in Research

Being innovative is always demanded for various reasons. It is believed that innovation can lead to more productivity and understanding. However, creating or finding innovation is not that simple. Innovation cannot just be made accidently. It is possible but it will still need further research to develop the possibility of it to work efficiently. It is quite hard to define innovation.

Using simple words, innovation can mean change, revolution, transformation, rearrangement, restructuring, etc. Innovation can be defined differently depending on what field you want to focus on more. For example, innovation in technology and in business may have different meaning, however, innovation in every field and disciplines share the same principle, which is a good change or the process of good changing.

Understand Innovation

Definition of innovation

The definition of innovation in more modern meaning can be a creative thought, a new idea, and a new imaginations in form of method or device. Thus, innovation doesn’t always have to be in a form of objects. It can be in a form of method that be used for more efficient and better result. Innovation takes places through the provision of more effective products, services, processes, technologies, as well as business model which are made available to markets, society, and government.

It can be concluded that innovation is about something original and more effective which breaks into the market or society. Innovation and breakthrough share the same vibe. Innovation can also be related to invention. However, innovation is different from invention. Innovation is more apt to involve the practical implementation of an invention so the more meaningful impacts can be made in the market or society. However, it is also important to keep in mind that not all innovations require invention. Innovation can manifest on its own through engineering process is it’s about scientific or technical nature.

Understand Innovation
Understand Innovation

The connection between research and innovation can be clear. Research can lead to innovation because an innovation will need to go through various process before its discovery. One of the process is the research itself. Research is the series of systematic steps to find an answer or test hypothesis. The result can lead to innovation. That’s why research and innovation are related to each other. Using innovation in device or methods, research can be undertaken more efficiently which can lead to another innovation. Both research and innovation are important in our life to make improvement and change the world for the better.